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Artha Meris Maria Magdalena Simbolon is a Catholic and registered at St Bonaventura, Jakarta parish. She is an Enterpreneur in Entertainment and Food&Beverage industry. Artha Meris Maria Magdalena Simbolon or most known as Maleena. The name she choose from: Maria Magdalena, which is the middle name of her Catholic Saint. Maleena is a creative woman yet Inspirational or divine Christian music singer songwriter and producer in contemporary and gospel genre. She involves in ministry activities through praise and worship festivals, writing, recording and producing Christian music and Charity events. She established a Label company known as Maleena for her ministry with her community. She is the Executive Board of Indonesia Gospel Festival (IGF) which is the first and the biggest Christian Indonesia gospel music festival which held at ICE BSD, Indonesia. More than 7.000 people annually attend the faith healing movement event and mostly they were young millenial Christian generations from different denominations all across Indonesia and also from all over the world. International band known as Planetshakers from Australia, Israel Houghton from United States from America and 3rd Wave from South Korea were included. She is planning on continuing this movement with a band she formed known as Maleena and Friends. She is also the Founder of Maleena Coffee Roasters, a Coffee Roastry, a One Stop Top Notch Music Entertainment and Specialty roasting company providing a great place for busy working people, young millenials, friends and family enjoy each other company and a cup of coffee sourcing from Indonesia Finest quality coffee beans. It is strategically located in a famous 5 star Hotel: Saripacific Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia. Her recent development is she runs an IT solutions company known as Maleena Music for Christian artists Where She established IT solutions avoiding barriers in ecosystems in music entertainment industry from upstream to downstreams, intend to compliment each other and in open transparency management including a market place for her Coffee Roastry and her Music and other Coffee and music lovers.

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