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Maleena Music is united and empowering community of inspirational entrepreneurs in entertainment industry providing and sharing an advanced and innovative and prosperous networks and services especially in entertainment ecosystem industry and other leading industries.... The company is established by Artha Meris Simbolon or most known as MALEENA . A short abbreviation for Maria Magdalena, which is her Catholic given name. As an inspirational creative businesswoman, Maleena initiates the task with great friends and family as her own good driven willingness to support the industry to have a proper benchmark and transparency business solutions and for her to expand her capabilities. Aside from her multitalented and God's given blessings on her, she wrote the song: Pray for Indonesia in 2019. The song was written in search of God's mercy to heal Indonesia, keep the nation safe and calling God's Children to make impact or do good by #praytogether and #prayforIndonesia and soon to repent and have a compassionate heart that is lacking from some people and leaders. She invited Indonesian Idols in this song including some Christian Gospel singers to convey her intentions and more people practice the Gospel. Her first praise and worship album "Siapakah Aku ini Tuhan", was released in 2018; and "Hurt" in 2019 now is available on Spotify and iTunes. Her upcoming songs are also written from her inspirational true story. An uplifting Christian song with the theme of faith, victory and grace that is experienced in Jesus Christ whom sends peace, love and His blessings on blessings for her.

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Never Stand Alone

Never Stand Alone

Never Stand Alone (feat. Dennis Nussy, Rayendra Sunito, Andre Dinuth & Bonar Abraham) – Single – Maruli Tampubolon Indonesian pop/R&B/soul singer-songwriter, actor and also an advocate and counsellor at law, Maruli Tampubolon has released a new gospel song “Never Stand Alone” . Never Stand Alone is a spiritual song written and produced by Artha Meris Simbolon or most known as Maleena. She's also a renowned businesswoman who possesses mutiple talents by owning a Christian label music and applications known as Maleena Music and also being a passionate songwriter, composer, music producer and singer of the Contemporary Christian Music genre which reflect an inspirational true story about her life experience walking in Faith with GOD. The people at Maleena Music and MT-Production are promoting this gospel song, Never Stand Alone, , as an unprecedented song distribution model in US Market by making a big leap of faith through its initial advertising with an exposure in Times Square New York , New York City, USA from December 2020 until January 2021 with great expectation to broaden the horizon of targeted listeners and sales of this gospel song in US Market which is considered to an extraordinary achievement being conducted by a Private Christian labels from Indonesia. The song is already played in Indonesian radio stations such as: Hard Rock FM and the ads has been aired in Times Square Nasdaq and Thompson Reuters billboards. As for Maleena, best gospel song created in 2020 and an achievement in awakening of hope and faith facing Covid-19 pandemic as it has extraordinary spiritual power to keep hope and have faith. It is surely a great joy with the purest and utmost sincere efforts to release this song in December 2020 and continuously advertising the song through 2021 with renewed Hope and Faith that this song can also have a place in the hearts of various listeners in US and most importantly to invite listeners in the midst of all these uncertainties about divisinvenes as well as the situation of the pandemic Covid-19 to at least realise that there is a divine energy of unity in diversity when we believe Faithfully that GOD will always heal and restore for what is broken. We do believe, all we need is Love and Faith to unite mankind. This Song can provide extraordinary spiritual power and journey to yield a transformative growth mindset to discern life with wisdom and to empower ourselves to be better than our previous imperfections. .

Tom Willis

Written By: Artha Meris Simbolon

Producer "Maleena Musik.