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About Us

Our Story 

It all began in 2017, and in a way that probably will surprise you... 

Because Maleena Coffee Roasters wasn't founded by entrepreneurs in the traditional business sense, but by singer and songwriter, Maleena, and a group of her musician friends. We never saw our coffee roasts or our Bistro as just a business to us it's a passion, just like our music! 

Great music brings people together, to have fun, dance, and enjoy each other's company... And so does a great cup of coffee! 

As musician we always enjoyed the way our music bring friends together, families closer and unite communities around having a good time. When we discovered we could do the same though another art from Coffee Roasting we knew that was what we wanted to do.

Only Freshly Roasted Small Batch Coffee 

Preparing a great cup of coffee is much like writing a song; it begins with the fundamentals.

A musical composition relies on its rhythm and melody, and coffee relies on sourcing high quality beans and gently roasting them for a complex symphony of flavors and aromas. 

We carefully roast our beans to preserve all the unique flavor notes and nuances in our small batch, ethically sourced coffees. While heavy roasting can disguise imperfections in lower quality coffees just like stage acts can hide flaws in mediocre songs we believe in fully in sourcing exceptional regional coffees of the highest quality, so nothing needs to be disguised.