Artha Meris herself, outside her business as a businesswoman, is also known as one of the singers and writers of spiritual songs, in gospel genre. With the name Maleena, she released her debut album: Maria Magdalena in 2017 with debut song titled “I Surrender”. The album, which was based on her true personal story. She uses Maleena as it is a shorten of her Catholic middle name: Maria Magdalena. A dear friend to Jesus.

Artha Meris, is currently just completing two spiritual singles entitled: “ Hurt ” whom she duets with Nania Yusuf, and this video lyric “Joy Christmas” a medley song whom she will collaborate again with Maleena n Friends. The songs both inspired from her true personal journey story of spiritual revival or transformation or rejoice she said, “This December 2018 I released an Album: “Yours,” includes 2 new singles, the title of the song was “Hurt“ (featuring Nania Idol), then also “Joy Christmas“ a medley song featuring Maleena and Friends.

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