About Maleena

I was born in a well

Since I was a teenager my parents have prepared me to handle and develop the company.

At the age of 33, I was given a very big responsibility, becoming a President Director of Parna Raya Group. There are 20 big companies under Parna Raya Group I had to look after

With such high demands, I devoted enormous attention to the company, with the totality I reaped the praise. I was chosen as the candidate for the 100 CEO of the best youngest woman of Ernst & Young 2013 version. This totality made me far from my only daughter, family, and even far from God.

A tempest came into my life when becoming a witness SKK Migas (Special Work Unit Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activity) case, it was very tiring because I had to go back and forth to the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) buildings. On June 24th, 2014 my status was raised to become a suspect. My heart screamed. How could it happen to me? Why God?

On June 24th, 2014 at 9 am, I left the KPK building with an orange vest. My steps were so heavy, my heart was hurt through this decision. I tried to be strong, as I did not want my closest family to be sad about this indictment. While I was crying my sister Lidya asked, “How is our family Meris?” I kept being silent.

At that time my sister gave me a Bible. This Bible that was faithfully accompanied my days behind the bars that were so quiet. Even though so far, I have rarely opened the Bible. But while in detention I was never absent, never forgetting to meditate on God’s Word. 

My days has already changed. Filled with praying, meditating on God’s Word, writing prayers, writing songs, and various other activities in prison. That place where I just got to know the real Lord Jesus, I realized as a sinner, I might have made God’s heart saddened. I felt my life was changed by God. I learned to forgive … I learned to be strong … learned to fear God … learned to love … moreover I learned to surrender and rely on God fully in my life because for God nothing is impossible. I was like a branch that almost separated from the vine, but Jesus took care of me by embracing and putting me back in the right direction, Jesus Himself…My unity with the vine gave me strength and enthusiasm to rise, to bear fruit. My personal relationship with God was getting closer. I was increasingly diligent in looking for God and I also invited other fellow friends to diligently come to worship.

Even one day I was asked by Merry Utami who tripped over a drug case with a death sentence to become her godparent. Merry was longing for being Catholic and waiting for 13 years … even though she was imprisoned for 15 years … I prayed “God am I able? Who am I, Lord? “.

I was thankful to my mother and the priest who gave me advice. I finally established myself as the godparent of Merry Utami. When Merry Utami was about to carry out the death sentence in Nusakambangan, we gathered together in a church and continued praying regularly until finally a miracle occurred, where Merry Utami was not executed that night in Nusakambangan. We all heard this news rejoicing to praise God. The Lord Jesus is very good.

I was grateful as so many of my prayers answered by the Lord Jesus. By very often praying and diligently reading the Bible while was being in prison, it gave me strength and it encouraged me to become someone who relies on Jesus in my life. Life becomes meaningful with Jesus even though the way was full of twists and turns that cannot be understood. Praise God! My joy was getting fuller, because Jesus withdrew me from prison by speeding up the day of my release on March 13th, 2017. God answered my prayer to be able to breathe free air, to return home and to gather with family my daughter and the whole family.

The rainbow of God’s love has glowed wonderfully in my heart, as He allowed something that might be painful for me so that I am included in this process. Not that God forgets, discards or abandons me. He remains faithful … But God wants me to be converted and repent, so that a process of purification and blessing will save my life.

God is very good, and His grace is great for me. This is my desire to serve God, so that through the songs in my gospel album, becomes a testimony and blessing on how good God is for us all.

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